Cyrus Trail Ravine Project (Completed 11/2008)

This project, the installation of a drainage system which diverted surface drainage water away from an unstable ravine on the southwest corner of the lake, has been completed!  The last phase, the installation of a culvert under Cyrus Trail, was completed on November 3, 2008.  All the project’s contributors; CLA, Tri-Lakes Sportsmen’s Club and Richard & Lorraine Carlander, have written their checks to the contractor, Terry Barker Construction, Inc., which I forwarded to him on November 28, 2008.  (fjw)

The CLA directors extend their heartfelt thanks to the association members, the Tri-Lakes Sportsmen’s Club and especially to Mr. Richard Carlander and his wife for their generous donations to this project.

The purpose of the project was to stop the erosion of topsoil from within a steep ravine a few hundred feet north of 130th Street and west of Cyrus Trail, a private road paralleling the Wolf Creek inlet on the south end of the lake.  For a detailed description of the project’s origin and history, including pictures of the ravine and the drainage system, click here.

To view high resolution, full-screen versions of any of the pictures shown in the description, click on the corresponding figure title shown in the following list:

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