Carp Project

In 2011, when we asked our lake-management-plan consultant what our lake water quality would be if all of our watershed erosion-control issues were solved and the only thing coming into our lake were Evian spring water, he said that it wouldn’t be much better.  This was due to the massive amount of carp in our lake.  Carp are bottom-feeders and disrupt the lake’s ecosystem.  To be successful in cleaning up our lake, we need to reduce the number of carp in it, and we are making progress.  Here are some items related to our carp-reduction efforts:

Here are the numbers for our 2017 seining events

Common Carp – 145,000 lbs 
Buffalo Carp – 22,000 lbs
Sheepshead – 30,000 lbs

Total – 197,000 lbs of rough fish removed!

This was by far the largest removal event since 2011, which is when we started keeping statistics. Although this is a large number, it constitutes only ~25% of the rough fish in the lake, so there is still a lot of work to be done.


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