LID Frequently Asked Questions

What will this cost?
The assessment will be set by the Rice County Board of Commissioners based on the budget sent to them by the Circle Lake LID Board for their approval.  A maximum of $300 a year is the target.  That is less that a dollar a day.  And, if you write off your property taxes when you do your income tax return, it’s tax deductible.

How Long will this last?
Indefinitely, as there will always be projects needed to clean up the lake and keep it clean that will need to be funded.  However, there are ways to dissolve the LID if it is determined that that is the thing to do.

What kind of projects will the LID be working on?
Weed control, carp eradication, soil run off, shoreline buffers, sport fishing improvement to name a few.  You can review the current Lake_Management_Plan or Summary_-_Lake_Management_Plan-1 for more information.  Also check the Lake Improvement Efforts Tab from the home page for current project updates.

Are all parcels going to be assessed the same amount?

I own several parcels, will I be taxed on each parcel?
No, people that own multiple parcels will only pay one assessment.  Also, if you have an interest in a deeded access parcel, that parcel will not be accessed as you will have been accessed on a property you own independently.

What does my signing of this petition mean?
It essentially means that you support the formation of the Circle Lake Improvement District, and agree to be added to the list of supporters that believe that the Rice County Commissioners should certify its formation.