Forest Township Neighborhood Watch Notification System

The Rice County Sheriff Dept. is assisting Forest Township residents in setting up and running a rapid response alert notification system.  See the recently published Forest Township Neighborhood Watch flier.

HOW THE PROCEDURE WILL WORK: Forest Township will be divided into four quadrants – (A) Northeast; (B) Northwest; (C) Southwest; and (D) Southeast.  There will be a Quadrant Captain for each of these.  Within each quadrant are 9 Sections (the 1-mile square area numbered in your plat book).  Each Section will have a Section Leader.  When the Sheriff’s Dept., or a Township Board member, or a resident wishes to report an incident through our notification system, they need to contact their Section Leader or Quadrant Captain.  That person will notify all of the Quadrant Captains, who will send out a group email or telephone message to the 9 Section Leaders in each of their quadrants.  The Section Leaders will then notify the residents in their section who have signed up to participate by their email list or telephone.  Thus the information will be communicated like the branching of tree.  Of course, if you witness a crime or suspicious activity, CALL THE SHERIFF’S DEPT FIRST, and then secondly inform your Section Leader or Quadrant Leader.

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