Lake Improvement Efforts

Click here to view the Rice County Dredging Permit.

Our main goal is to improve Circle Lake’s water quality and get the lake removed from the MPCA’s “impaired waters” list.  We commissioned the preparation of a Lake Management Plan (see summary or full plan), which was issued in April 2011.  Since then, we have been working on the plan’s key priorities, including (1) watershed projects designed to reduce the amount of pollutants entering Circle Lake, (2) carp control and reduction efforts, (3) aquatic plants, and (4) sediment.  We have work groups dedicated to each of these areas and are attempting to make progress in one or more of them every year.

In September 2015, the Northfield News ran a front-page article about our lake cleanup efforts (“Circle Lake Association leads charge to improve water quality”).  Read it here.

Here is a map of the 2018 weed cutting zone.