Lake Improvement District (LID)

Circle Lake Improvement District

At the Association’s Annual meeting in April 2016  the CLA Board reported to the membership what it would take to establish a Lake Improvement District around Circle Lake.  Below is a map showing the properties that would by included in what will be called the Circle Lake Improvement District.  All properties shown in green will be included in the district. They are any property that touches the lake, any property that has deeded access to the lake, and a few other parcels that the DNR wanted  included.

Circle Lake improvement District Boundaries


General Information

Click LID Brochure for a quick explanation of what a Lake Improvement District is.
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Some of the Circle Lake association board members,  along with LID committee members, will out in the effected neighborhoods soon to answer questions about the LID. They will have copies of the Petition for Creation of the Circle Lake Improvement District for you to review and sign.

If you like,  you can click petition for a copy of  the petition .  The last page  of this document is the signature page.  If you would like to support this effort by signing the petition, and we hope you do,  just print off the last page and have everyone that is listed on the deed sign and date it.  Then let any of the folks listed below know and we’ll be glad to stop by and pick it up.  Don’t worry about the Tax Parcel ID number(s) we can fill that in for you.

Brian or Nan Panettiere
Dale Petelinsek
Dean Sunderlin
Kristen Felegy
Mandi Morrissey
Keith Kluzak
Jason Wood
Denise Klokow
or mail it back to us at  Circle Lake Association  P.O. Box 147 Northfield, MN 55057